“We need to prepare kids for their future… not our past!”
Dr. Richard Moniuszko

Excellence In Education

  • Northwest High School Castle Downs/Dunluce (Design funding approved… need approval for construction)
  • Quality of the student learning experience:
    • Curriculum review (ongoing)
    • Support for students to make up for learning gaps due to COVID-19
    • Ongoing review of student needs, programs, and infrastructure supports (human, financial, capital, technology, etc.)
    • Supporting a safe school environment
    • Supporting Indigenous student learning and culture
    • Support for Inclusion (including special needs)
    • Early Childhood Development
  • Preserving and strengthening Catholic education
  • Parent engagement and transparency
  • Effective Board Governance and oversight

 I’m Listening. Let’s Talk!”

As your Trustee, Terry is committed to:

  • Listen to and advocate for the concerns of parents
  • Work diligently with others to sustain effective board governance to the Board of Trustees
  • Fidelity to the Catholic faith and values
  • Support a culture of performance excellence, accountability, and fiscal responsibility
  • Promote our Catholic schools as safe, caring, and inclusive learning communities that celebrate diversity
  • Promote professional development for all Edmonton Catholic School employees