We Endorse Terry Harris Catholic School Trustee…

I have known Terry Harris for many years through his work on the Board and Executive of Autism Edmonton. Like Terry, I am the parent of an amazing young man with autism. Through his work and leadership on the Autism Edmonton board, Terry demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the value of each person, regardless of their abilities, is respected, appreciated and valued.

Terry’s contributions to Autism Edmonton focussed on building a community of caring, compassion, respect and inclusion of all individuals. He demonstrated kindness and integrity in his capacity to understand the challenges and gifts of our sons and daughters with special needs. Terry respects and understands parents who are dedicated to ensuring their children have the best life possible.

Through his work on the board, Terry also demonstrated the ability to see many sides of complex situations and assisted and supported Autism Edmonton in facing and working through organizational challenges. Terry’s skills with guiding an organization through change was demonstrated through his excellent work in this regard.

I have great confidence in Terry’s integrity and his focus on doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Anita Ferri
Board Member, Autism Society Alberta

I am very pleased to recommend the re-election of Terry Harris as Trustee for Ward 71.

Terry is an open and forthright person who is respectful to all, a “people-person” who is interested in listening to others.  He is also a very genuine person who exudes warmth and joy.

Terry’s personal and professional background and education have prepared him well for the role of Trustee.   Particular strengths that he will bring to the Board are his judgment, his broad experience in governance, his commitment to our students and his commitment to Catholic education.  Equally as important are Terry’s zest for excellence in education and his belief that ECSD is a great district that can become even stronger when we work together.

Terry is an independent thinker.  He will make decisions based first and foremost on what he sees as the best interest of students, and on the facts of the situation, to find robust, sustainable solutions that advance the district’s mission.

The voters of Ward 71, all students and staff throughout the District, will be well served by the re-election of Terry Harris as Trustee.

Becky Kallal
Former Teacher
Retired Board Chair & former Trustee for Ward 71 Edmonton Catholic Schools (2007-10, 2010-13)
Board Member, Catholic Social Services

I have known Terry Harris since our high school days as students in Edmonton Catholic Schools and I heartily recommend his re-election as a Trustee in Ward 71.

Terry brings strong strategic direction and corporate governance experience having served as a former Board Member and Chair of the Board of Catholic Social Services.

My three children attended schools in Ward 71 – Holy Cross and Archbishop MacDonald.

I cannot think of anyone better suited to take on a Trustee role and provide strategic direction to capitalize on the future opportunities and address any potential challenges for Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Larry Brownoff CPA, CA
Chair, Board of Directors, Goodwill Industries of Alberta
Director, Professional & Career Service, Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta

I am delighted that Terry Harris is running once more for trustee in Ward 71. Having worked with him as a colleague at Edmonton Catholic Schools and as a fellow board member on Catholic Social Services, I know he brings credibility and critical governance skills to the Board of Trustees.

Terry is a person of integrity and high ethical standards. He has sound knowledge and expertise in areas that are crucial for successful board functioning – governance, business practices, strategic thinking, collaborative problem solving. He is a personable and articulate person who truly listens. He has the best interests of students and staff at heart while understanding the necessity of good stewardship of resources.

The electorate in Ward 71 and the Catholic community at large will be well served to re-elect Terry as a trustee on the board.

Muriel Dunnigan
Former Teacher
Retired Deputy Superintendent, Edmonton Catholic Schools;
Former Board Member, Catholic Social Services

I wholeheartedly endorse Terry Harris as a Trustee for Edmonton Catholic Schools.

The Edmonton Catholic board needs representation that reflects our Catholic, Christian beliefs and values.

Terry Harris is committed, with a broad background in education, advanced education, governance,  business and family issues.  Terry is well known, and a leader in our Christian community… he is married, is a parent, an entrepreneur, an engaged volunteer… with a track record of success

He walks the talk when it comes to living the values of our Faith. He will form policy that will promote, protect and preserve Catholic Education, for our many diverse students… Terry is capable, and passionate about advancing the mission of our District, with the changing times and challenges that appear before us today.

Judy Buddle
Board Member, CASA (Children, Adolescents & Family Mental Health Services)
Retired Trustee, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Former Board Member and Board Secretary, Catholic Social Services

I have known Terry Harris for many years in his capacity as a Director and Member of the Executive Committee, in the role of Treasurer, on the Board of Skills Canada Alberta.  He was eminently suited to the role of Treasurer and took his fiduciary duties and obligations more seriously than most.  Through his leadership; structure, probity and careful financial planning were implemented at all levels of the organization.

His dedication to the development of young people through the skills movement is second to none and his willingness to serve as a School Board Trustee is a natural fit for Terry, whose career has exemplified persistence, commitment, dedication, professionalism and the pursuit of excellence.

Giving back and contributing to the community is an inherent component of his Catholic beliefs and lifestyle and I would certainly be very happy to entrust the education of my grandchildren to his care.

Terry Cooke
Treasurer, Board of Directors, WorldSkills International & Deputy Chair, WorldSkills Foundation
Former Dean, JR Shaw School of Business, NAIT