Why Terry Is the Right Choice

Terry is committed to:


Student learning and formation are always at the forefront of Terry's decisions.

Terry is a lifelong learner/student himself, and strives to ensure that all students (across the spectrum or ability and means) are provided excellent learning opportunities.

Edmonton Catholic consistently ranks as one of the top performing K-12 education divisions in Alberta. Still, opportunities for sustainable improvement abound. These, we shall pursue vigorously.

Effective Board Governance
In the first year of his term, Terry served as Board Chair and helped restore a board governance culture that operates according to “Best Practice” board governance principles and reflects well on our district and our Catholic community. This significantly helped the division focus its attention on student learning through the duration of the most recent Board term. The division continues to rank as one of the best in Alberta (according to independent assessors using objective measures).

Healthy & Productive Relationships
Terry, his Board colleagues and ECS senior administration have significantly improved division relationships across the wide spectrum of key stakeholders.

Catholic Education
Protecting and advancing the unique and authentic character of our Catholic schools.

The greatest gift that we can give to our children for the journey of their lives
is an excellent Catholic education… a zest for lifelong learning!

Terry offers:

Having served as ECS Trustee (Ward 71) for three years and as a past Board Chair, Terry has a deep understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities that face our students, schools, the Ward and division.

Board Governance Experience
In addition to his experience as a Trustee and former Board Chair, Terry brings significant experience in board governance, leadership and education.

Sound Judgement
Terry listens and is open to considering views that vary from his own. He learns from this process. Terry is thorough and does his homework. He comes prepared and has a track record of sound and well-reasoned decisions

Terry is:

  • A practicing Catholic who is an engaged leader in the Edmonton Catholic community.
  • An incumbent Trustee and committed Edmonton Catholic schools supporter whose children attended and graduated from our Catholic schools.

Working together with Edmonton Catholic School Administrators, Parents & Other Key Stakeholders, Terry will help Edmonton Catholic Schools continually improve the learning and formation experience for all students.

  • Improve the learning experience and outcomes of all students.
  • Defend the importance and value of Catholic education in the Province.
  • Ensure a safe, caring, inclusive and quality school environment that celebrates diversity.
  • Restore good board governance.
  • Ensure that resources are effectively and efficiently stewarded.

Cheques, cash and in-kind offers are welcome.  Please contact Terry at info@terryharris.ca to make arrangements.